Outer Banks Season 3 Filming Locations in Charleston, SC

Outer Banks Season 3 Filming Locations in Charleston, SC

14th Mar 2023

Outer Banks Season 3 Filming Locations in Charleston, SC

Photo: Netflix

The hottest show on Netflix just released its third season of Outer Banks, and we are so excited to show you the ins and outs of Poguelandia!

Season 3 of Outer Banks features the struggle of John B. Rutledge and his group of Pogues as they battle against all odds (including the kooks) to find treasure. Even though the show is named after our North Carolina neighbor, the majority of episodes are filmed in our hometown of Charleston, SC. The show was filmed near both of our two retails stores in Mt. Pleasant, SC and Charleston, SC.

The main character, Sarah Cameron even wore our earrings in Season 2 and Season 3. We appropriately named them the Sarah Swoop Earrings after her. They are available in gold filled and sterling silver.

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Season 3 was filmed in the most tranquil locations spanning from Barbados to the Hermosa Flagship's backyard of Old Village in Mount Pleasant, SC.  Many of the episodes take place in picturesque locations such as Pitt Street Bridge, Old Village, Shem Creek, Lowndes Grove and Downtown Charleston.

Follow along for a local's tour of our favorite Outer Banks filming locations in Charleston, SC.  We even put them in order so you can conveniently visit each one consecutively.  

Pitt Street Bridge Park

Photo: Nicholas Skylar Photography

Pitt Street Bridge is an old trolley bridge that once connected Mt. Pleasant to Sullivan's Island in 1898 to 1945.  It is now preserved as a park and is a great place to take a walk, fish, or watch the sunset with friends. In season 3, you can watch JJ Maybank ride his motorcycle down Pitt Street Bridge (before the JJ and Kiara romance begins to unfold...ok..we won’t spoil anything!)

House by Alahambra Hall

Photo: Nicholas Skylar Photography

This house may look like a cover photo for HGTV, but don’t be fooled, this is the home of Kiara Carrera on Outer Banks. Many of the Carrera family arguments take place in this Charleston Style home that sits on the Charleston harbor. This home is located near Alhambra Hall in the Old Village neighborhood. Make sure to take a bike ride down this street to see southern architecture at its best.

Kildare Sheriff's Department

Photo: Nicholas Skylar Photography

Our next stop is Pitt Street, a historical commercial niche located in the Old Village neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, SC. In "Outer Banks", it is best known as the site of Kildare County’s Sheriff's Office. Local tip: Check out the Pitt Street Pharmacy for one of the best milkshakes in town.  

The Wreck

Photo: Nicholas Skylar Photography

Kiara’s parents own a restaurant on Shem Creek called “The Wreck.” In Season 3, that is where they celebrate the Anniversary of the restaurant. This real life Shrimp Shack is called The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene, a local's dinner spot for Lowcountry styled seafood and comfort food.

Abundant Seafood

Photo: Nicholas Skylar Photography

Pope’s parents own “Heyward’s Seafood” which is actually Abundant Seafood located at the Geechie Dock on Shem Creek. Charleston locals buy their fresh seafood and shrimp at this spot along the water. A great place to stop and snap a photo, and you just might see a dolphin swimming up and down the creek.

Shem Creek Park

Photo: Nicholas Skylar Photography

Shem Creek Park is a boardwalk that takes you over the marsh and out to the docks of Shem Creek.  It is a beautiful spot to view coastal birds, fish, and watch the sunset.  It connects to the shrimp boat docks and local restaurants. This is where Sarah Cameron rides her bike in Season 3 and first runs into Topper. 

Morris Island Lighthouse

Photo: Nicholas Skylar Photography

Are you team Topper or team John B.? If you said team Topper- then we have just the spot for you. On season three, Topper tries to romance Sarah Cameron by taking her to a beach party and secret lighthouse spot. The actual lighthouse can be viewed off of Folly Beach and is the Morris Island Lighthouse. Pack some sunscreen and a speaker to go and check out this spot from the beach!

Lowndes Grove

Photo: Nicholas Skylar Photography

Pictured above is Lowndes Grove which is known as a traditional Charleston Wedding Venue but is used in “Outer Banks’’ as the home of Sarah Cameron’s family. This is a beautiful spot to drive by and have an Outer Banks photo-op.

Charleston Museum

In episode 5 of Outer Banks, John B and his dad go to the Charleston Museum to maneuver their way to recover an ancient relic which is a clue to the puzzle of finding the gold.  Fun fact: The Charleston Museum was founded in 1773 and is actually America's first museum.  

Photo: Netflix

Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron, recently spoke in an interview for Conde Nast Traveler about her favorite Charleston spots. And we can not help but agree! Her top picks are The Daily for coffee, Leon's Oyster Shop for fried chicken, and Shem Creek to watch a sunset.

Next time you are in Charleston, check out the filming spots and Madeline Cline’s hometown favorites. Finish out your trip with visit to Hermosa Jewelry for a matching pair of Sarah Cameron Swoop Climber Earrings.  

Stay salty, Pogues! #P4L



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